Our Story

KALI & SKYE is a boutique Australian designer label, inspired by the European lifestyle and culture. Our design philosophy is bold, elegant and contemporary.

KALI & SKYE was founded in Sydney in 2016 by two lifelong friends, following a classical European summer getaway spent sailing the sun-soaked coastline of the Amalfi, and exploring the glistening sands and sugar cube villages of the Greek Islands.  

Inspired by this unforgettable journey, we sought to create pieces that reflected the style and charm of Europe, and which captured the feeling of bliss and beauty of a European adventure. The label was founded to embody this spirit and share it with the world.

Our design approach is to source high-quality materials from across the globe and collaborate with local designers to create exclusive pieces under the KALI & SKYE label. Each item is crafted to reflect its place of origin and infused with a story relating to its unique design.

Our debut piece is the Arella Sandal. Each pair is individually hand made in Greece. Follow our design journey on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter, as we continue to expand our collection.